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                              Venkatesh Donty, M.D.

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Pulmonary-Critical Care Associates of East Texas was established in Longview for the purpose of providing state-of-the-art Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine to the patients of Longview and surrounding communities.

Our philosophy has always been to emphasize patient education in the hopes of improving our patients lives.  Major emphasis have been on preventative care regarding smoking cessation, immunizations, proper use of medication, and behavior modification to minimize illness.  We have been instrumental in the establishment of pulmonary rehabilitation being brought to Longview.

Hospital privileges are maintained at Longview Regional Hospital, and Good Shepherd Medical Center

                          Mission Statement 

 Our Practice Exists for the Purpose of :

BlueBall.gif (110 bytes)      Providing Our Patients with the Highest Quality Respiratory and Healthcare Available,

BlueBall.gif (110 bytes)      Treat Each Individual with Respect and Compassion,

BlueBall.gif (110 bytes)      Assure that our Patients Understand Their Ailments and Treatment Course,

BlueBall.gif (110 bytes)      Always Put the Needs of Our Patients First,

BlueBall.gif (110 bytes)      Maintain a Pleasant, Professional and Efficient Office,

BlueBall.gif (110 bytes)      Strive for the Growth and Improvement of Our Practice by Working Together as a Team

BlueBall.gif (110 bytes)      Jeffrey M. Shea, M.D. F.C.C.P.  - Medical Director of Pulmonary Rehabilitation
                                                                    Medical Director of Pulmonary Services
                                                                    Medical Director of Intensive Care
                                                                    Medical Director Sleep Lab
                                                                    1998 - 9 Chief of Medicine

BlueBall.gif (110 bytes)      Venkatesh Donty, M.D. - Staff Physician at Longview Regional Hospital and Good Shepherd Medical Center

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